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"Dave" lost some shirts.

Highlights of my day.
- Skipping
- Spending the morning with Rachel, Dria and Glenn.
- "Borrowing" pins from the Book Store.
- Finding out isn't what you're thinking.
- Kissing peoples shoes.
- Taking a marker from a girls white board.
- Stealing a janior t-shirts. It says "Dave."
- Breaking into a house.
- Cuddling with Colby during lunch (we don't do that anymore).
- Writing on the 2nd stall walls in the 3rd floor bathroom.
- Stealing more more pins.
- Watching death videos and eating pretzel in the libary.

I had a good day. No, just the morning rocked. Wish I could have as much fun skipping as I did this morning.

I left all my shit at school. I started my period today as well. I didn't find out until after 4th period. Thank god I didn't bleed through my pants. And DAMN MRS. ROMAN for not having any pads.
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