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School isn't cool.

I think I'll try and make this my last week of highschool.

I'll go. I'll go to every class. Then, Friday, I will act my ass off saying I hate school and can't take it anymore. And hopefully my plan will work and I'll be a drop out. Yay.

Or I could say letting me drop out will be my birthday present.

Woo hoo! I'm gonna be 16 in 9 days! My mommy's birthday is in 6 days. She'll be 41, ah. To old.

I'll get my GED sometime. I just.. don't wanna go to school anymore.

I hope we get a snow day tomorrow. I wanna see Colby and all but I'd rather sleep all day and get lost in the snow.

I have Naternicola (again) once the semester ends. I won't be able to take that. All those freshman. I'm already failing my sophomore stupid World Studies and then to have a freshman social studies class isn't gonna be cool.

Fuck. I hate Naternicola. HATE.

See, I'd rather work all day long with no one I knew then sit in a class room for 8 hours and be expected to do homework.

I think it's just because I want a car.

Should I really drop out?
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