reject #15853 (nomoreblueskys) wrote,
reject #15853


This is an old friend of mine, Brandon, that I've known for 4 years.. and his wonderful attempt at making me feel better....

Little Killette: (censor) and i didnt even make it a year
Little Killette: ='( it just hurts really bad
twizfatkidreppin: well
twizfatkidreppin: my imaginary girlfriend and i have been together for about a year
Little Killette: lmfao
twizfatkidreppin: i think shes fuckin around though
Little Killette: dumb ass bitch
twizfatkidreppin: haha i just got the shop vac out and made her spend a week in the box
Little Killette: the box?
twizfatkidreppin: u know, like prison
twizfatkidreppin: u do wrong they lock you in the dark for a week

So nice. It's makes you feel better when you're trying to throw yourself a pity party and your friends won't let you.
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