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life hates the good people

my life sucks so bad right now. once again, everytime i get my hopes up for something it gets shot down. i am stuck in pittsburgh with no car and i am absolutly sick of bumming rides from people. the wagon was booted and impounded this week and my sprint phone got turned off so i have no way of getting ahold of my mommy. i want my mommy. i cried in josh's arms today and said `i want my mommy` how embarrassing is that? so the car i'm currently looking at has a torque converter problem... maybe. its only for one thousand and its cute and it has a nice cd player but jason said he thinks the guy might be trying to pawn the car off on me cuz he did seem a little shady, but god i don't know what to do. i hate my situation so bad i feel like i'm really loosing it :( life needs to give me a break.
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